I have completed my 2 week sugar detox, curbed my cravings and I feel fabulous!

I quit sugar cold turkey to heal my body and prevent chronic disease.

Overtime I have read rave reviews from 1000s of people about the positive affects of detoxes, like, “my brain fog has lifted” and “I have so much more energy,” and I always thought they were still full of crap (queue laughter).

Guys, I am one of them. It is the truth. I am energized, actually I am buzzing. I don’t need to hit snooze on my alarm, I can handle persistent kids and I don’t wish it was bedtime at 5PM everyday.

It is worth mentioning that I have never, EVER, been able to commit to a detox before, despite many attempts to live off various juice cleanses and other scary potions that some celebrity concocted.

I am not sure why the word “detox” use to terrify me. A detox is something positive, it is simply a way to rid your body of toxins. De-tox! The word should be enough to make everyone want to go on one. So why has it taken me so long to commit?

My answer is education and understanding. Why detox in the first place?

This is my number ONE practical tip for a successful detox. So let’s get to it.


In the past, my reason for detoxing was always to lose a few pounds. This is a fine reason but in my experience it isn’t enough to carry you through an entire 14 day cleanse. You need to dig deeper. It has to be about more than your outside physical appearance.

I have been educated through the most valuable and global holistic nutrition course. I have an acute understanding of the affects that sugar has on your body, mind and soul.

My reason or reasons to quit sugar:

  • I want to live a long life free of chronic disease (cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and mood disorders).

  • I want to fix my leaky gut and clean-up my liver which is responsible for eliminating toxins in my body.

  • I want to look young without spending a fortune on creams, potions and injections.

  • I want to get rid of candida overgrowth which presented itself in crazy pigmentation pattern on my back.

  • I want to ease my bloated belly.

Make a list of 5 reasons why you want to quit sugar. Do it now!

My second practical tip for a successful detox is:


Look for the sugars on the label. Sugars are simple carbohydrates that are broken down easily by the body. The added sugars are literally added sugars into the food to make it taste better. The more added sugars, the more toxic the food.

Note: the guided serving size of sugar for women in the US is 5 teaspoons equal to 20 grams of sugar per day.

For men, it is 9 teaspoons equal to 36 grams of sugar per day.

Ingredients are listed in descending order by weight. This means that the closer they are to the beginning of the list, the more of that ingredient is in the food. If sugar is in the top 3 ingredients- ABORT.

Practical tip number 3, follows on nicely from number 2.


There are 250 names for sugar on food labels. It’s as if the food industry is playing one big prank on us!

The most common names are listed below.

Table sugar (50% fructose)Corn Syrup

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Evaporated Cane Juice

Agave (70-90% fructose)

Fruit Pulp

Fruit Puree

Fruit Juice

Black Strap Molasses




Sorghum Syrup






Honey (40% fructose)

The reason why I have added some percentages of fructose is because this one is confusing as people believe it is healthy! This is because fructose is mainly found in fruit and vegetables. It is still sugar and the body cannot tell the difference in terms of converting the sugar to fat; just because it came from an apple instead of candy. Check out this study if you want some scientific evidence When we consume fructose, it goes undetected as it causes less insulin secretion, so we can keep eating it without feeling full.

I am not advising that you steer clear of fruit forever. My intent is to bring awareness to the amount of sugar that you consume. 

Practical tip number 4 is a lot more optimistic!


I know most of you will be uncomfortable at first sight with this tip. Hear me out. Sugar makes you fat, not fat!

Due to some inadequate science data in the 1950s and 60s, fat got a bad reputation for causing disease. Scientists and commentators are working to right that wrong.

Sugar turns directly to fatty acids and then body fat. What is more, sugar is highly addictive (more so than cocaine) so it is likely that you will gorge on it as it leads to cravings and triggers a vicious cycle; as the blood sugar level drops and spikes the more sugar that you consume.

What healthy fats are you comfortable eating? Make a list of 5 now!Feeling stuck? I will give you a couple of suggestions, beside the obvious and beloved avocado.

  1. The skin on the chicken

  2. Nuts and seeds

  3. Your turn…

  4. And another…

  5. And a final other…

My final practical tip in this blog, may be the most important tip.


It’s a good idea to keep a food journal with you during your sugar detox.  The journal should detail how you feel emotionally and physically throughout the day as well as what you are eating. Often life events and daily routines can cause you to crave certain foods.

One of my discoveries was that just before I tackle big tasks on my to do list, I could be found with my head inside the pantry. I was using sugary food to procrastinate and push off my responsibilities.

My solution was to dig deep and ask myself the tough questions.

  • Why am I procrastinating?

  • Do I not want to do the work?

  • Do I not feel able to do the work?

  • How can I focus my thoughts and set new intentions?

Another common discovery that I made was that I would crave something sweet after dinner?

I found that I craved sweet foods because my dinner was savory in taste (bitter, salty, pungent, acidic) and I needed something to balance the flavor or get rid of the flavor in my mouth.

I found brushing my teeth to be very helpful in getting rid of the flavor. To balance the flavor I sometimes opted to have 1 glass of wine or coconut chips (great clean fat)!

I hope that you enjoyed these 5 tips. If you want more support during your detox, ideas and tips- email me at:


I have created an IGTV video for you guys to help you read labels on “healthy drinks” and provide you with some amazing alternatives that i swear by. Check it out. My Instagram  name is Dalya Green.

I would love to be a part of your journey to optimal health. It’s my purpose in life to spread the love and light.

Dal X

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