I am a mom, wife, holistic health coach, EFT tapping coach, runner, knowledge seeker and connector. I came to be who I am today through life’s tests, which I truly appreciate. I grew-up in England, UK and moved to New York post Leeds University where I studied Television and Film Production. Not a typical gateway to health and wellness through my core education but my life lessons lead me here!

Although I had a happy childhood, filled with adventures as I travelled and moved around the globe, I struggled in the beginning with general confidence and then body confidence. In my early 20s I moved to NYC and developed an eating disorder which led to a host of gut issues. I had a choice to make, to give my body a chance to heal or spiral further away from my understanding of health and connection to joy. I chose to heal.

At the beginning of my journey, I went to a few specialists in NYC to repair my stomach and digestive issues. Eventually, one doctor diagnosed me with endometriosis which can make it difficult for women to become pregnant. As I was newly married, I underwent surgery; which to this day I believe was unnecessary. My turning point was post operation and lying in my bed, I acknowledged that I was responsible for the damage done to my body. I did not provide it with the nutrients and physical movement required and since then I have graduated from IIN, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach and completed a certification in EFT tapping therapy.

My goal is to bring you calm and joy into your daily life by guiding you to become your own health guru. Through following my program you will uncover your true purpose, become stronger and live a longer and more fulfilled life. In short, you are going to feel light and love and want to give light and love.
That’s the Green Heath Method.

I use the mind-body connection to encourage personal growth and self discovery. As a certified EFT Tapping Coach, I see the manifestation of emotional conditions that often obstructs a client’s path to success. I use my experience and specializations to create bespoke remedies  for my clients.

Much love,

Dalya Green