The year 2019 is coming to a close. Now is the time that we start to reflect on our journey. This reflection helps us plan our future and set new goals for 2020.


I am a big advocate for living in the now, being present and feeling all of the feels!


This does not mean that there is no room for reflection and planning. It simply means that to dwell on the past will stop you from noticing opportunities and personal growth.


“Dwelling on the past will stop you from recognizing a new opportunity”


Likewise, fantasizing or worrying about the future will stop you from making moves forwards and living!

Thankfully, there are certain seasons or events that occur in life that will encourage us to thoughtfully understand who we are, where we are and where we would like to go. I do not think that this is an accident. For example: the end of the year approaches as the days get ‘shorter’ and darker and you find yourself at home more and more. You are less stimulated by the world around you. You can turn your focus onto yourself and tune into your spirituality more easily than the beginning of Spring. It’s as if you are forced to stop, think and nurture new ideas that will be born a few months later in the Spring- just like flowers that you find in nature.


So, my reflection begins.


  1. What have I been up to this year?
  2. Which life’s tests (or events) have shown me a  piece of who I am?

(For some of you, it will be work related and for others it could be family related).

Some tests seem so unfair, which is typically obvious in terms of a death of a loved one or the loss of a job. These types of tests can demonstrate the harshness of life and can leave you feeling broken. If you believe in darkness, you can find light, and it is in that light that you will understand another piece of who you are. Your values will be exposed, your desires, you wants, your needs and more over your purpose.


You weren’t just dealt a hand of cards to work with. You were given a test. If you can recognize this it will catapult your closer to your destiny. If you are going in the ‘wrong direction’ you will be given a wake-up call or an opportunity to think about your values and purpose and whether or not your goals and actions are aligned. The healing process which follows a test, plants a new seed for continued growth, depth and closure.


My wish for you is that you move through life’s tests with gratitude and connection to those around you. May you find your purpose and may your greatest failing become you greatest strength.


Love and Light,

Dal XO

One thought on “Life’s Tests- An Opportunity to Reflect

  1. Sarah H says:

    Great article! I will start to think of my challenges as opportunities to grow and welcome them. The truth is, I have become stronger and more confident from each test.

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