We are certainly living in a crazy time but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, learn knew skills, enjoy our immediate family time and be grateful for the lessons received from this worldwide pandemic.

My first thought was, “Wow. The world is a small place and we are all interconnected. It doesn’t matter where you were born or the upbringing you have been blessed with, privileged, poor or somewhere in between. We are all affected and many of us are willing to isolate ourselves to help the greater good. A true act of human kind”. So for all of you lovely humans who want to make the best of this situation and see the opportunity that has been given to us. I am providing you with 5 quick positive changes that you can make daily or over the coming months.

This is the time to do it. If not now, when? I encourage you and support you in this new and exciting challenge. Who knows, this could be the one that changes your life.

  1. Quality time with loved ones. One friend joked that their wife was actually pretty good company!
    I know that it was a joke on the surface but in honesty lays a little more beneath. Often people eat dinner with their phones in their pockets, checking each time it buzzes. I wish we still ‘Netflixed and chilled’ but recently its more Netflix and Scroll. We spend a lot of time together with the people in our home but often we are not focused on the conversation and so they end shortly after beginning. Put your phone away more, get down and dirty with imaginative play (you don’t even need kids for this one). Have meaningful conversations about passion projects or frivolous thoughts.
  2. Work on life skills that you typically don’t in your day to day life. Whether you are 6 years old and learning to ride a bike, a 25 year old who wants to learn a new language or a 60 year old who wants to learn to paint. Perhaps there is an online course that you have always wanted to do but never had the time. Hello IIN! This is the Integrative Nutrition Course that kickstarted my career as a Health Coach. If you are interested let me know. I am an IIN ambassador.
  3. Spring cleaning. Chances are the longer you have lived in your current home, the more papers, odd bits, old wires, mixed-up pantry items and clothes you no longer wear. Coincidently it is Spring in 2 days, it could not be better timing. Start with one cupboard or drawer and see how far you get. I love the instant gratification I get from clearing out my kitchen’s messy drawer. I hope you find some treasures too. For some extra Feng Shui bonus points you can place a vase of 2 fresh flowers on your night table. If you are single and looking for love, clear a drawer in your bedroom to literally make space for another person.Feng Shui believes that objects hold energy can bring you luck, wealth and opportunity into your home so offer thanks to your home for the shelter and space you have to celebrate, build memories and nourish yourself.
  4. Undo bad habits. I have a tendency to spend unnecessarily. Sometimes, to “benefit” the children. On purpose I put that in quotes because I am not sure that spoiling them with new clothes or toys every other week whether its from target or Zara is a good idea. I am forced to get creative and not take them to soft plays, Chuck E Cheese or any other arts and crafts studios as a reward for good behavior and deeds.My kids ask me weekly for presents or play dates- I don’t cave most of the time but at least once a week I do. It’s a precedent that I have set and that I had wanted to change. Thankfully the lack of options is helping me to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty and with little explanation.
  5. Eat healthy. I know this one might come as a shock as many people are worried about packing on the pounds since they will be at home with a month supply of food but here me out. Avoid the #quarentinefifteen.If you don’t know when you can go to the shops next or if they are even stocked up with the goods; you will likely begin to ration your food. I am only cooking and serving what I think will be eaten. I am no longer forcing my children to sit at the table to “have one more bite”. Instead I wrap it up and save it for leftovers. I myself have become less indulgent and stopped wasting food. I am checking out all the recipes in my cook books to find out how I can cook once and eat twice or three times. The best foods that I have found I can do this with is legumes, chicken and roasted vegetables. I like to pair it with brown rice or quinoa for a well balanced, nutrient dense meal for lunch or dinner!

    I am careful to only have two small snacks a day and eat my main meals as opposed to grazing all day where I have less control of the amount consumed. It’s all about rationing through portion control and tuning into your body so you only eat when you are hungry not when you are stressed, anxious, bored, lonely, procrastinating and any other reason for food cravings.

I have created a Queen of Sugar Detox that lasts for 14 days. This specialized and customizable program helps you to quit your sugar addiction, tune into your body, heal your gut and build your immune system. It comes with 10 recipes to cover you from breakfast through snacks, lunch and dinner. It’s available now and a great opportunity to get some 1 on 1 coaching to ease health concerns whether they are mental, physical or spiritual.

Read more about this online coaching detox program here.

In light of the current situation and all the uncertainty, I’m suggesting that you commit to what you can do to take care of your body and mind as well as each other.

Please leave me a comment and let me know how these tips work out for you!

Light and love,

Dal X

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  1. Shir Bensusan says:

    I loved number 3! Spring cleaning and Feng Shui energy! Left me with some projects in mind…
    (And the comment about if you’re single:) 👍🏻!

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