I’ve been thinking a lot about “JOY”. What is joy and why is it something that we strive for?

I looked up the definition of joy:

 “A feeling of great pleasure or happiness”.

A FEELING! How do you define a feeling? 

The Secret to Joy ExposedJoy is expansive, it’s light, it’s sublime, it’s pure and yes all of those words point to spiritual. Joy is your soul being elevated on a spiritual level.

Let’s go back to why we strive for the feeling of joy. We all began on our journey, inside our mother’s womb where we were connected physically, emotionally and spiritually to another person. We were created out of a partnership between 2 people and a higher energy. We were by definition connected before we were born. Once we were born, the attachments were broken, the vessels ruptured and we were brought into the physical world.

We have an innate drive to get back to the connection that we experienced before birth. As we move through life, we are tested with life and death events. The secret to joy is the recognition that you can choose happiness. As an individual you can choose connection. You can connect to your family, friends, community, nature, energy, religion and the list goes on.

Even with a broken world where trauma and neglect is evident daily; you can choose happiness. This does not mean that you ignore the realities of our world. It simply means that you choose to enjoy the good and that you continue on your path, your mission from birth to connect. You have permission to invite the sadness to join you in happiness by looking for the perfect in the imperfections.

So please, dig deep inside your thoughts and move through the dark to rise up from the shadows of fear and anxiety and emerge empowered and strong so that you can mentally choose happiness. This cannot be achieved without accepting that you cannot control certain outcomes.


You are who you are and you are exactly where you are meant to be. This is your path that you have been given. On your path you are presented with opportunities, and if you can spot them, take them and all along the way choose happiness.

Please share with me and the GHM community, how you have chosen happiness recently. Leave a comment so that you can inspire others.

My prayer for you is to recognize that you are perfect as you are. Whatever trauma you have faced and whatever struggles you are battling, dig deep and choose happiness. It will lead you to joy and the ultimate goal of connection.

Love and light,


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